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Silence is the true nature of one's Self.


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Traditionally, an ashram is a place to study ancient Indian wisdom. This retreat serves as an ideal place to evolve spiritually, specifically focussing on self-inquiry and inner silence. Advaita Vedanta and Zen and are recognized as the main understanding of this ashram. This beautiful and serene place is located on the premises of the herb garden of Dinah Veeris and the neighboring permaculture garden of Shastri Moesker, just outside of Willemstad, Curaçao's Capital. Besides existing as a physical location, the ashram is also a platform that cultivates an atmosphere of kindness, empathy and insight, through profound teachings led by founder and spiritual teacher, Dolph van Stapele. Workshops, retreats and other practices are offered to develop a greater awareness on who we really are as individuals and as a society. 

The ashram provides basic facilities consisting of living quarters, a communal area, agricultural and permaculture garden and an extensive local herb garden. A quiet location where you can be in peace for an undetermined period of time. Being in an ashram helps minimize worldly influences which can be distracting in our self-inquiry, and increases general peace of mind. A fixed routine consisting of simple tasks helps to ease the mind to focus more easily on the silent nature of consciousness.

Initiated by Dolph and run by him and his loving partner Nephtalie Demei. 


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From the age of 10, Dolph started sensing a more in-depth perception of life. 

After 2 decades of searching in a variety of spiritual directions to find some clarity, he discovered the wisdom of Buddha. Buddha's search for liberation of the suffering resonated with Dolph's internal quest. The Indian teacher Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj represented the embodiment of this wisdom and Dolph took a deep dive. He landed in an intens inquiry of understanding the non dual nature of existence, the oneness we often hear about. 

Dolph realized the non dual nature of being after an intense period of dedicated search with his teacher. After having provided retreats, satsangs and spiritual study circles for years Dolph is shifting his availability from a partial to a permanent setting in the form of this ashram. 














Nephtalie is a talented translator, English teacher and spiritually engaged being. Born in Curaçao, her native language is Papiamentu. But it took her only days to learn English when she was 5 and Dutch and Spanish followed soon. Teaching her high school students is not just a job but a calling to guide teenagers in their difficult transition from being free spirits to becoming purposeful adults. She actively inspires her students to look at the world with a kind and open mind. Her attentively listening ears and her empathetic heart, make her a welcoming and valuable coach. She is also a Reiki healer. Together with Dolph she makes Ashram Curaçao a warm and welcome place to stay.

                                                              Welcome to Ashram Curaçao!


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Daily meditation.
Simply being aware.

Being mindful creates awareness of the ever present moment. At the ashram we are reminded of that in everything from breathing, eating, working, relaxing and all other movements.

Guided conversation with question and answer rounds concerning self-inquiry.


We offer limited single rooms and 3 shared rooms for 2 people (single beds).

-Carlijn Holtrop - Damen-


For me this retreat was my introduction (other than books) with non-duality. Dolph is an amazing and kind teacher who doesn't only answers all my questions but also takes care of my process. Together with Nephtalie 

he makes a good team. They host, teach, laugh, talk and let us be. It can be a relaxing weekend, but for me it was a learning weekend. Also because of the location and the amazing people who work there, you can learn about Ayurveda, which makes it a complete experience.

-Nicole Wvde-

If you are looking for a retreat to spend time away from the rat-race relaxing, have a deeply transformative experience, meet like-minded (non-judgmental) people, have a great laugh and eat delicious vegetarian foods, then this is the place to be. I loved the feeling of ease, peace and safety of this beautiful location. All the people at the Ashram are super friendly and accommodating. This was an incredible experience. Thank you so much

Dolph and Nephtalie

-Haydee Hermans-

I was honored to have had the ability to participate in the first retreat at Ashram Curaçao. It was such a peaceful location and the schedule was filled with informative sessions on health for the body, mind and spirit. I returned after 3 days renewed, re-energized and equipped for my weekly duties.

The Satsang sessions during the retreat and the ones outside the retreat are such deep deliberations, clarification and knowledge sharing that every time again and again I get closer and closer to my true nature, inner peace and inner wisdom.

Thank you Nephtalie and Dolph for being such awesome host, making people feel at ease and renewed by all that you offer at Ashram Curaçao. Highly recommended for the ones who want to shut down from every day duties and get a introduced to inner peace, wisdom and their nature.


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