The Ashram

Home of Awareness

The ashram wants to create an expanded awareness of knowing who we are. This causes a better understanding of how we approach life and each other. This also means that we have fewer prejudice both towards others, and ourselves. Our approach is through one of the oldest Indian philosophies called Non-duality. This is a no-nonsense and very direct insight into the core of what we are. Some may call this a spiritual approach but we consider it a natural approach.

Nothing is outside of yourself.

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What is our Ashram

Traditionally, an ashram is a place to study ancient Indian wisdom. This retreat serves as an ideal place to become aware of your Self, while specifically focussing on self-inquiry and inner silence. Advaita Vedanta or Non-duality, is recognized as the main understanding of this ashram. Non-Duality is one of the oldest schools of Hindu philosophy. It refers to what our true nature is. Recognizing your true nature is called enlightenment, nirvana, moksha liberation, or simply, freedom. 

This beautiful and serene place is located right next to the herb garden of Dinah Veeris. Besides existing as a physical location, the ashram is also a platform that cultivates an atmosphere of kindness, empathy and insight, through profound teachings led by founder and teacher, Dolph van Stapele. Retreats, workshops and other practices are offered to develop a greater awareness on who we really are as individuals and as a society. 

The ashram provides basic facilities consisting of living quarters, a communal area, syntropic and permaculture gardens and an extensive local herbs garden. A quiet location where you can be in peace for as long as you need. Being in an ashram helps minimize worldly influences that can be distracting in our self-inquiry, and increases general peace of mind. A fixed routine consisting of simple tasks helps to ease the mind to focus more easily on the silent nature of consciousness.

Initiated by Dolph and run by him and his loving partner Nephtalie Demei.