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Front Ashram Curaçao

Wat can you expect at Ashram Curaçao

Step into a world of peace and rest. Make yourself at home and prepare to relax. The ashram is beautifully located in a quiet and peaceful area where relaxation is inevitable. The ashram house has 3 bedrooms, and is the center of the Ashram.

The accommodations are basic, but comfortable. You can choose to stay in a single or shared double room, all equipped with a ceiling fan that will softly snooze you to sleep.  Meals are on the cozy patio, which is also where we hang out for conversation or just to relax.


These surroundings are perfect to unwind and there is enough space to be alone as well. You can sit on the front porch and enjoy the Caribbean breeze or wander around in our gardens and find yourself a cozy hammock or a quiet spot where you can relax, nap, write or read. 

Part of our mindful activities are gardening, and harvesting in one of our small foodforests.






Make yourself at home and prepare to relax. The Ashram offers the possibility to withdraw yourself for a definite or indefinite period of time and to search for your true Self. This quest is done in the form of guided conversations, Satsangs, where it is discussed how you can become enlightened from mental constructions that limit us to be able to 'be' completely. This creates space for full awakening.


Literally waking up to a learned construction that we are a person who, separate from nature, would pursue his 'own' development in the image of our cultural and social background. These constructions can lead to pain, fatigue, burnout, self-pity, fears, insecurity and much more. We are literally stuck in real-life assumptions about how we and life would work. We limit ourselves at the Ashram to self-research in the tradition of Advaita Vedanta or nonduality. We mainly focus on that and we cannot foresee any goals other than this self-examination. For a better picture of nonduality, look here.

This self-examination is the only, but also the most special 'spiritual' activity at the Ashram. We call it spiritual, but it is actually the most natural activity there is because it is purely focused on you and nothing else. It is also the only activity in which it becomes clear where the misunderstanding of the separate 'I' has arisen in your life and how it can clear up like fog.


This form of self-examination can be very enlightening but can also be quite challenging because you will recognize patterns and constructions that previously worked in the subconscious. You will notice that you become freer from the person you so strive to want or have to be. You are going to investigate the 'I' that you refer to 4 times per sentence. Who am I? That is the key question in your visit to the Ashram. In addition, meditation can be used to help calm the thinking mind. Training and discovering what mediation is and why it is done can be provided by Dolph alongside the Satsang.

In addition to that we offer Reiki treatments by Nephtalie. This will help a pleasant energy flow and relaxation that contributes to a free and open mind. A mind with less blockages is a healthier body experience. Reiki is acknowledging we are all energy. Mind and body are not separated. It is only a concept of the mind. 


Daily routine at Ashram Curaçao

At the Ashram you take care of yourself completely. You do your own shopping and you cook yourself.  This gives you space to fill in how you want to move and what to eat. Only the Satsang is 'cared for' and it starts around 0900 and lasts an hour and half on average. The rest of the day you'll have time to reflect and enjoy doing nothing. In doing nothng lies a big fear in general. Not doing enough, not being able to contribute or not being meaningful to yourself and your loved ones, But you are in good hands and well supervised.




We can provide a ride to the supermarket twice a week to do groceries. If the Ashram is your first destination upon arrival, we can provide a basic welcome package to bridge your first supermarket visit. The package consist of coffe, tea, bread, cheese and some fruits. Depending on arrival time we can offer a meal as well. If you choose for these packages we'll charge $25 for the basis package and $25 for the meal. 

You can register with the Ashram if this process appeals to you. It is recommended to stay at least one week, but is of course not an obligation. Our experience is that you need 3 days to get used to the environment, we also mean the inner environment. No children, partner, work, social environment, etc. Your mind literally comes to rest and can open up. The next 3 days you will recognize patterns, give the new insights a place and realize what it is worth to you. After that it only gets better. You will experience true freedom.

You will immediately notice that a completely new experience is born. You will recognize what that true nature actually is. You will find that you were running terribly hard chasing everything. You can achieve anything in your life, except your true nature. That's what you already are.

Book your stay at Ashram Curaçao for $50 a night

You will stay in 1 or 2 person rooms in the main house or in the wooden cabins. The cost is $50 per night. Satsang, meditation class, 2 times a week supermarket visit, water, coffee, tea are included. During the weekend there are no activities but the Ashram is open as usual. The rates apply to all days of the week regardless of the activities.

It is tropically warm in the afternoon so activities are usually done in the morning and late afternoon. During the day you can join Dolph in his activities at the Ashram. Walking in the natural area, working in the food forests, maintenance of the Ashram, lying in the hammock etc.​

What to bring

It's warm year-round, between 26 - 34 degrees Celsius or 79 - 93 Fahrenheit. Bring light and comfortable clothing, flip-flops, and hiking shoes. The sun rises daily on average around 6 a.m. and sets average around 7 p.m. During periods of rain, mosquitos may find you well. Please bring your own spray. We provide linnen and refresh weekly. 

Reach Ashram Curaçao

The ashram is approximately an hour's drive from the airport. It's easy to get a taxi at the airport. They're located in the designated taxi area right next to arrivals. Taxi rate from the airport to the Ashram is approx. $60

Information about taxi's.

You can always rent a car at the airport at arrivals gate.If you would like to rent a car upfront we can recommend this rental place here. 


The activities and guidance at the Ashram are an addition to your selfcare, but are not a substitute for regular care and are on your own initiative. Entering the Ashram is also at your own risk and the Ashram assumes no responsibility for loss, theft or other items of a material or mental nature. We are an environment of peace and love. Something we don't have or get, but are pure. ❤️


- You are the cosmos experiencing itself -

Bedroom Ashram Curaçao
Syntropic farm/foodforest
Living quarters Ashram Curaçao
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