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Satsang is a gathering where the essence of the real you lies central. It means we discover the nature of what we really are instead of what we think we are. It is an ancient insight in our deepest Self.


It is not something that is hidden but it is always in plain sight, but we oversee it due to our busy lives and misunderstanding of who we are. We think we are the ego, but that is only a story based on cultural and societal narratives.


In Satsang we focus on pure consciousness, that which the story is written from. When we recognise this separation we call this awakening. In Satsang we discover this  

 We look at our belief systems and how they dominate our prejudice. We discover the fact that we are all one. 


For Ashram residents we offer mon-fri Satsang at 0900 and an 'end of day' satsang if requested. If the Ashram has longer term residents, local guest can join the Satsang for a Nafl. 20 donation.  


For Island guests we offer every last Monday of the month satsang starting at 07.30pm. Entrance is Nafl. 20 and it includes coffee, tea and water. You are alway welcome to join and see if this is something for you. If you want to join you can send a whatsapp to +59995133428

The spoken language is Dutch and/or English depending on the visitors.

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