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Non-duality Retreat

We are all one

Rediscover your true nature through the wisdom of the ancient Indian tradition of Non-duality. It's also called the 'science of being' and is considered to be one of the most direct paths to enlightenment. 

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Reiki Retreat

An introduction and 1st inauguration to Reiki healing

Discover the healing energy of ancient Reiki. Open yourself to the cosmic energy you are one with.

Coming Soon!

Individual Retreat

Transformational Retreat

If you're looking for a transformational retreat in a 1 on 1 setting, we can help. Together we'll discuss and put together an approach specifically designed for you. We will challenge you to let go of old narratives and beliefs. You will experience a shift in self-awareness and the freedom to fully embrace who you are. Our goal is for you to leave with a fresh mind and tools to live a passionately 

authentic life.

Please reach out to us for more information. 


Personal Growth Retreat

Personal Development

By removing the burden of the daily expectations and introducing you to basic spirituality we help you on your way to a more balanced life. 


Moms Retreat

Mommy Recharge

Being a mother is the greatest and hardest job in the world. You're always taking care of everything and everyone and at some point you need to recharge. We have created a safe and warm space where we as mothers connect. We talk, walk, share, stare into campfires and relax. 

Come join us for a wonderful week of rest and kindness.

Coming Soon!

Day retreat

One - Day Experience

Join us for a day at the Ashram and feel the vibration of peace. Every Wednesday we offer this amazing experience. 

It includes:

- 1 Yoga class

- Mindful activities

- Silent barefoot


- Coffee, fresh tea from our garden & infused water

- Lunch & snacks

Come join us and onnect with a group of likeminded people. You will leave relaxed and with a sense of peace.

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