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Satsang Q&A Dolph van Stapele & Visitor 


Question: What is enlightenment?

Answer: When we realize that pure consciousness is our true nature. When the person who sees the cosmos and the cosmos itself have merged into one.


Question: Why are we searching for enlightenment. 

Anser: Our true nature is peace but daily life brings us distraction. When life doesn't go as planned or as we encounter struggling and suffering appears, we want to heal. But if we try to heal the object where the misunderstanding comes in the first place, we won't heal. Healing can remain permanently if the misunderstanding of the duality is understood. The duality that I'm a separate entity. The feeling that we are disconnected from something.

We can't see the sun because of the clouds, but we see the clouds because of the sun. This is a metaphor we can use in daily life. It is a life changing transformation.


Question: What is the purpose of life if we suffer so much?

Answer: Purpose is a concept of the thinking mind. Remind yourself of the dreamless state. Effortless being happens where there's no reason. Reason appears where the mind is projecting its knowledge in the dream or waking state. 

Question: I want peace to because this is not the life I want. How do I become enlightened. 

Answer: Self inquiry of non dual nature of our being. Start to focus on what you are not. And keep asking till you can't go on anymore. I don't mean on personal level like, I'm not a dentist, when you are a gardener. Look at this following example. A pot does not consist of clay. Its clay in the form of a what we've called a pot The clay is the essence and pot is a concept.  Ask yourself who you are. Are you Michael, or are you the essence with Michael as the concept. 

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