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Dolph's teachings focusses on the oneness of what we really are, what we often hear in spiritual terms. The feeling of separateness starts with the idea that we are our personality and therefore separate entities.

Lets take this screen as a metaphor. While you are reading these words, you actually look at the screen and the words. But the words are not separate from the screen. The words consist of the screen. The screen is the essential nature of the words. The screen is not touched by the words. It is the unchangeble essence. Your personality or the ego are the words, the story, the always changing nature. 

Let's take a clay pot. The clay is the essence of the pot. The pot is the concept, the clay the essence. There is no pot apart form the clay. The clay is the not changing nature, when you brake it, paint it, mold it etc. 

The same with you. Your essence is consciousness and your ego is the concept. The ego is changing every moment. Consiousness where it happens in, 


 You Are life experiencing itself. In advaita we investigate that separateness and we get open and receptive to what we really are. 

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