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Are we our pain?

Pain is tough and undesirable. But, let’s try this angle. Pain exists only by thoughts. Trying to solve pain can only be done by thinking. So that seems no solution. Let’s try not to solve it but to embrace it. Not trying to make an enemy out of it because that creates more pain. Pain lives in the realm of the thinking mind. It comes and goes. When you are in deep sleep there is no pain. At least we don’t experience it. It comes alive when you wake up and the thinking starts again.

This is just the mechanics of the mind. When there is compassion with thoughts or identification as we call it, we give rise to pain. In the modern world we are brought up with the idea that we are our thoughts. Bit is it? We have to investigate that. Just for the sake of it. We are not our thoughts. When this is understood we can be free. Because thoughts arise and leave without a trace, we can not be our thoughts.

What we really are, is the space called consciousness wherein thoughts are allowed borrow the time to appear and disappear, like pain. We experience it but are not it. That may feel enlightening

Practice : Investigate. Try to see when pain arises and when it disappears. What you know is, it is not constantly present. It is only present when you think about it. Try to see if this concerns you to.

If your interested in exploring this further, these topics are discussed during Satsang, where we explore the source of who we are. Ashram Curaçao offers monthly Satsang sessions. For more information WhatsApp +59995133428

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