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Starting to see life as clearly as possible.

The difficult things in life occur when things don’t go as we have planned them. Most of the times we feel that if things don’t go as planned it was out of our hands and if things did go according plan we take credit.

Two things happen here. We see an 'I' that is planning and we see things that have to be planned. And secretly there is a third party that observes this whole thing. We often forget that one. We are to invested in the doer and the things to be done.

As long as the I is seen as the doer of the planning and thus separated from the things that have to be planned, things will be experienced as difficult. Because the doer feels he/she didn’t manage to do the things it had planned.

The I as the planner is illusive. There is no real doer, although that feels completely different than what we experience. This is where it becomes interesting. Our self awareness gives us the idea and the experience of an I but it is only a thought. We call this proces the ego.

We experience the ‘me’ that is in charge of life. Understanding and realising this misunderstanding is the core of self realisation or enlightenment as it is often called.

Investigating this is called self inquiry and that is one of the main activities of Ashram Curaçao.

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